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Sphere – A Browser for Anonymity

  • Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2019

Anonymity has become one of the most important parts of web surfing. Websites trace our activities and thus our Privacy is not protected. Anonymity is not only important in ethical hacking but also in surfing the web and searching for some important information or working with bank transactions etc.

Sphere Browser

Image Courtesy: Sphere

After Tor, sphere browser provides total anonymity and filled with some awesome settings. The amazing thing is that it supports all three platforms which are Windows, MAC, and Linux. Apart from that, the browser is free like any other browser.

Installing and Using Sphere Browser on Windows

Step 1: Download the sphere browser from here. Open the file and click sphere.exe and setup will start.

Step 2: Install and add a password to it. There is no option for resetting the password.

Step 3: You can easily create a new identity and can work temporarily with it. The most interesting facts are :

  • You can choose what type of proxy settings you want, which includes tor, ssh, tor+ssh, etc.
  • You can set the time zone, that is one of the most attractive features of this browser.
  • You can check the Anonymity after creating the identity using built-in testing, which shows the percentage of your anonymity.

The browser also shows fake operating system type and browser type. Like your original working operating system is windows and sphere browser but it will show the other browser like chromium or opera.

Step 4: After creating your identity just click on it and automatically a fake vision test link will load. It will show you the test results about how anonymous you are and what are weak points.

  • The result will not show your real identity.
  • The result will not show your real IP address.
  • The original operating system will not be displayed as you can see in the below image.
  • The time zone that you choose must be there, you must not get the current time zone.

Note: This article is only for educational purpose. If you will use this for illegal activities then only you will be responsible.

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