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Sparklines in Excel

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  • Last Updated : 06 Jun, 2021
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The sparklines are also known as in-line charts. So the question is where do we use sparklines, we can use them in situations where we want the graph/chart to be as near to the data as possible. Mainly we write data in one row / one column and add a sparkline to the end of the row or end of the column. Sparklines can be of many types: Line, Column and Win/Loss. An example of a sparkline is as follows :

An example of sparkline

Method of adding sparkline :

Follow the below steps to add sparkline in Excel:

  • Go to insert tab.
  • Select the cell where you want to insert sparkline.

Go to insert > Sparklines > Select option

  • Select the range of cells for which you have to add a sparkline.

Selecting the range of cells for the sparkline

  • Click on the OK button, sparkline is now added in the selected cell.

Sparkline is added in the selected cell

Formatting the sparkline :

To format the sparkline, select the sparkline you want to format and then select the Sparkline option on the menubar as shown in the picture below:

Formatting the sparkline

Using show submenu :

In the show submenu there are 6 options :

  • High Point : Marks the maximum point on the sparkline.

High point marker in sparkline

  • Low Point : Marks the minimum point on the sparkline.

Low point marker in sparkline

  • First Point : Marks the leftmost ( first ) point on the sparkline.

First point marker in sparkline

  • Last Point : Marks the rightmost ( last ) point on the sparkline.

Last point marker in sparkline

  • Markers : Marks all the edge points on the sparkline.

Markers on the sparkline

  • Negative Points: Marks the negative points in the graph with a different color which is illustrated in the figure below:

Negative Points marker marks the negative points with different color

Using Style submenu :

In the style submenu, we can select the style of the sparkline, many options are available ( different variety of colors ). We can also set the color of the sparkline and marker color using Sparkline Color and Marker Color options.

Style Tab in Sparkline menu

Using Group submenu :

Group Tab in sparkline

In the Axis section, there are many options by which you can reformat your sparkline. One of the options is Plot Data Right-to-Left, in this case, the data is plotted on the sparkline from the rightmost data to the leftmost data. This is illustrated in the diagram below. The first figure shows the data plotted from left to right and the second figure shows the same data plotted from right to left.

Data plotted from left to right

Now if we choose the option Plot Data Right-to-Left, it will plot the same data from rightmost to leftmost value as illustrated in the figure below.

Same Data plotted from right to left

Details about Group, Ungroup, and Clear : 

  • Group: It groups all the sparklines together. In simple words, you can treat all the sparklines as having the same characteristics and applying style on any one of them, styles all the other sparklines in that group. If we change the color of one sparkline, all the other sparklines get affected.
  • Ungroup: Ungroup option reverses the effects done by the Group option, it again makes the sparklines as different entities.
  • Clear: This option can clear/delete the selected sparkline or the selected sparkline group( all the sparklines in that group ).
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