SpanishBolo Internship Interview Experience

I started applying at Internshala Internships at April. There were quite a few internships , So i made my resume and completed basic profile checks at internshala.

In starting i was bit afraid , as i did not know if it is legit or not , but after some research and at now , after successfully completing my internship I can tell it is perfectly legit and I can say it quite good platform for finding internships.

I browsed some vaious internships , I was trying to find internship for MERN stack or Backend developement using node js.

After one week time , i got a call from SPANISH BOLO organinsation.

So skipping ahead , i got a phone call that my resume have been shortlisted and interview call will be there at tomorrow 11AM.

Basically questions were about node js , mongoose . It went really smoothly , so i am sharing question which were asked:

These are not in order , but I’ll list most of them

Questions were :

  1. What is NODE JS?
  2. MongoDB SQL or NO-SQL?
  3. Is there concept of foreign key in no-sql? If not , how MongoDB handles requests?
  4. Full form of CRUD?
  5. How MongoDB handles replication of data?
  6. How one document is associated with another model?
  7. How are you going to associate user with some comment or post?
  8. What are promises?
  9. How you handle promises?
  10. What is Callback hell?
  11. How can we avoid callback hell?
  12. Use of async await?

These are Question I remember,I answered most of them. Hope It’ll help you too.

Also After this There were some HR related question too.

After two or three days , I got a call that I’ve been selected. If you are in college or free enough. You can also try it. Its worth it

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