Sopra Steria (Interview Process)

Round 1: Online Test (Technical, Aptitude) – 2 hours duration

The test is divided into two parts.

  1. Technical Test – 1 hour duration
  2. Flowchart Aptitude Test- 1 hr duration

On qualifying technical test, you are eligible for Aptitude test as each process is an elimination round. There is a cut-off for each Test.

Technical test is an objective test having multiple choices. Basic Algorithm based output questions from the topics Trees, Arrays, Linked List and Graphs. SQL queries and basic DBMS questions . Output question from C/C++ which are based on basics.

Flowchart Aptitude test consists of 11 questions which are based on logical reasoning.A flow chart would be given and you have to evaluate the result when it STOPS/ENDS. Questions are both in MCQs and fill up the box.

When you pass second test as well an immediate result will be displayed on the screen as CONGRATULATIONS !!!.

Round 2: Group Discussion

This is also an elimination round. GD is conducted on the same day of online test. Topics are quite simple which could be on current issues. A group of 10 students is made for conducting each GD. You must be a good speaker as well as a good listener. You are judged on all aspects.

Round 3: HR 

HR round is conducted at its office after 2-3 days. You are being asked about your relocation  and working at night shift.It is a simple non-elimination round.

Round 4: Technical Interview

Questions generally from DBMS and SQL queries are asked. Basic concept of C/C++/JAVA. Projects and internship related questions are asked. Coding questions like sorting, Linked list are asked. Interview is based on the basics concepts in core subjects like operating system, DBMS, Data Structure and C/C++/JAVA.

On the same day results are announced for the students being hired. LOI is issued to the candidates and submission of relevant documents.

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