Sopra Steria Interview Experience | Set 2 (For Software Engineer Trainee)

Sopra-Steria Interview process is one of the smoothest in the industry. They won’t keep you waiting, either you’r are selected or you are not. All round were strict elimination round.

Round 1: Aptitude/Technical Test

The first round is divided into 2 sections first Technical Section then if you pass that round then Aptitude section. The technical section consists of very basic algorithm based output question like factorial, maximum in array, linear search. Some DBMS and sql based basic questions. Some output questions from C/C++. The Aptitude test contained 11 flow chart question with sample problems on how to solve them. Both of the sections were strict in elimination. There is a fixed cutoff marks in every section.

Round 2: Group Discussion

In our college only 7 were selected out of 80 students. So they did’t took our GD and moved on to the next process.

Round 3: HR

HR was friendly and asked these HR question like Tell me something about yourself, describe your life till now in 5 min, describe your internship experience. Then for the purpose of shortlisting .They would focus on these questions :-
1. 30 months bond
2. Comfortable with relocation anywhere in India or Europe.
3. Comfortable with night shifts.

Everyone cleared this round.

Round 4: Technical Interview

This round took place at the Noida Office of Sopra-Steria. This was a semi HR/Technical interview. They would ask you questions primarily based on your resume. Be prepared to explain and justify what you write on your resume. Some question were based
on sql queries. Some HR questions asked:-
Do you know about Sopra?
Why Sopra-Steria?
If you have to choose between these companies what would you choose:-
Sopra-Steria or TCS (the interviewer was a TCS alumni)
Sopra-Steria or Amazon
Do you have any questions?

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