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Sopra Steria Interview Experience 2019-20

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Sopra Steria recently conducted a Campus Recruitment Drive in our college ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad on 17 August, 2019. It came for the Engineer Trainee role.
A student must have secured >=70% in Std X, XII and minimum 60% in the graduation. It came for CSE, IT and MCA candidates.

This drive consists of many rounds:
1. Online Technical and Aptitude Test
2. Group Discussion
3. HR Interview
4. Technical Interview.
But, Group Discussion round has been eliminated from the Recruitment process.

Round 1: Online Technical Test
This test consists of 30 questions for 50 minutes.It was easy to clear this round as test contains objective questions of basic C/C++ Output based questions, DBMS, Software Engineering, OOPS concepts, etc.
As there is no negative marking for the questions, so you can attempt all the questions.

Round 2: Online Aptitude Test
This aptitude round is something different from the general aptitude test. Sopra Aptitude do not have any quantitative, verbal and reasoning type questions.
This test contains of 11 questions for 75 minutes. Test only consists flow chart based questions. This round is not difficult but needs more attention and concentration while solving the problems. Questions do not have options but you need to fill the answer by yourself in the given box.

Round 3: Technical Interview
Interview held in the company office on 19 August, 2019. Interviewer asked me to tell about yourself, your Co-curricular activities and then he asked my favorite subject. I told him Data Structure and DBMS. Then, he asked some questions from DBMS:
Firstly, he asked me that which book you refer for DBMS?
Then, What is Normalization, What are Normal Forms, What is 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, 4NF and BCNF. What is transaction, concurrency control and different problems of transaction.
Again, he asked some general questions like do you like reading, what yo like to do in your free time, what do you know about Sopra Steria.
Finally, he asked any questions for me?

Round 4: HR Interview
Firstly, she asked to tell something about your family background, your strength and weakness.
Why you do want to enter in the IT field and why you have taken the Computer Science Branch.
Then, simple questions, Why Sopra?, do you comfortable with the night shifts, are you comfortable to do the job in any location?
Last question, she asked the difference between development and support.
Finally, she asked any questions for me?

Hope you find this article useful!!

Thank You.

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Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2019
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