Sophos Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

Sophos came to our campus and this was their first ever campus drive (PICT+COEP). Position offered was Threat Research & Response Engineer (L1).

Round 1: Written Test
First round was a written MCQ test. It consisted of 3 sections as follows:-
Section A : Quantitative  Aptitude
Consisting of 40 Questions from topics such as Boats and Streams, Trains, Basic Maths, etc. Refer R.S. Aggarwal it is a good source of information on these topics.
Section B : Technical
Consisting of 15 Questions on Technical topics such as Networking , Assembly, etc. If you love networking it will be an easy section for you.
Section C : C Language
Consisting of 10 Questions on C Language. Basically, you have small snippets and you have to predict the output of those snippets.

Round 2: Technical Interview
Second round was Technical Interview. Out of 135 candidates 21 candidates were shortlisted for this round. There were 2 interviewers interviewing each candidate at the same time. In this round they mainly focus on your technical way of thinking and your knowledge in the technical domain. Please do not get panic that they ask on networking and all, there is no such thing. They asked questions regarding my CV, and I was having a research paper mentioned in my CV so they asked me on that also. After that as my seminar was on Malware itself, being a security company they drilled me in Malware, its types and all that basic stuff. Also they asked my about Interrupts, its types and who is having higher priority (Hardware or Software). If you are a technical person this round won’t be an issue for you.

Round 3: HR Interview
Third (Final) round was HR round. Out of 21 candidates only 5 of us made it to the HR round. You can expect same HR questions that are asked on a regular basis. About your background and all. Make sure you present yourself very well in this round.

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