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Software Testing Tools

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  • Last Updated : 30 Jan, 2020
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Software Testing tools are the tools which are used for the testing of software. Software testing tools are often used to assure firmness, thoroughness and performance in testing software products. Unit testing and subsequent integration testing can be performed by software testing tools. These tools are used to fulfill all the requirements of planned testing activities. These tools also works as commercial software testing tools. The quality of the software is evaluated by software testers with the help of various testing tools.

Types of Testing Tools:
As software testing is of two types, static testing and dynamic testing. Also the tools used during these testing are named accordingly on these testings. Testing tools can be categorized into two types which are as follows:

1. Static Test Tools
2. Dynamic Test Tools

These are explained in detail as following below:

1. Static Test Tools:
Static test tools are used to work on the static testing processes. In the testing through these tools, typical approach is taken. These tools do not test the real execution of the software. Certain input and output are not required in these tools. Static test tools consists of the following:

  • Flow analyzers:
    Flow analyzers provides flexibility in data flow from input to output.
  • Path Tests:
    It finds the not used code and code with inconsistency in the software.
  • Coverage Analyzers:
    All rationale paths in the software are assured by the coverage analyzers.
  • Interface Analyzers:
    They check out the consequences of passing variables and data in the modules.

2. Dynamic Test Tools:
Dynamic testing process is performed by the dynamic test tools. These tools test the software with existing or current data. Dynamic test tools comprises of the following:

  • Test driver:
    Test driver provides the input data to a module-under-test (MUT).
  • Test Beds:
    It displays source code along with the program under execution at the same time.
  • Emulators:
    Emulators provides the response facilities which are used to imitate parts of the system not yet developed.
  • Mutation Analyzers:
    They are used for testing fault tolerance of the system by knowingly providing the errors in the code of the software.

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