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Scenario Testing is a Software Testing Technique that uses scenarios i.e. speculative stories to help the tester work through a complicated problem or test system. The ideal scenario test is a reliable, complicated, convincing or motivating story the outcome of which is easy to assess. Usually these tests are different from test cases as the test cases are single steps whereas scenarios cover a number of steps.

Scenario testing is performed to ensure that the end to end functioning of software and all the process flow of the software are working properly. In scenario testing, the testers assume themselves to be the end users and find the real world scenarios or use cases which can be carried out on the software by the end user. In scenario testing, the testers take help from clients, stakeholders and developers to create test scenarios.

Scenario testing helps testers to know how the software will exactly work when end user will use it. As the scenario testing tests the business process flow of the software so it helps in figure out a lot of defects which cannot be found with the help of other testing.

Scenario testing is carried out by creating test scenarios which copy the end users usage. A test scenario is a story which describes the usage of the software by an end user.

Characteristics of Scenario Testing:
A scenario test has five key characteristics:

  • Story
  • Motivating
  • Credible
  • Complex
  • Easy to evaluate

Scenario Testing Process:

Methods in Scenario Testing:
There are two methods in scenario testing:

  1. System scenarios:
    Scenario tests used in this method are only those sets of realistic, user activities that cover various components in the system.
  2. Use-case and role-based scenarios
    In use-case and role-based scenario method the focus is specifically on how the system is used by a user with different roles and environment.

Risks of Scenario Testing:

  • Scenario testing is complex involving many features.
  • Scenario testing is not designed for coverage of the program.
  • Scenario testing is often heavily documented and used time and again.

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