Software Engineering | Structured analysis and design with CASE tools

Several representation techniques are used for structured analysis and structured style. the subsequent supports could be offered from CASE tools. A CASE tool ought to support one or a lot of structured analysis and style techniques. It ought to support effortlessly drawing analysis and style diagrams. The CASE tool ought to give simple navigation through the various levels and thru the look and analysis.

The tool should support completeness and consistency checking across the look and analysis and thru all levels of research hierarchy. Whenever it’s potential, the system ought to forbid any inconsistent operation, however, it should be terribly tough to implement such a feature. Whenever there arises serious procedure load whereas consistency checking, it ought to be the potential to quickly disable consistency checking.

Code generation and CASE tools:
As way as code generation is anxious, the overall expectation of a CASE tool is kind of low. an affordable demand is a traceability from supply file to style knowledge. A lot of pragmatic supports expected from a CASE tool throughout the code generation section are the following:

  • The CASE tool ought to support the generation of module skeletons or templates in one or a lot of fashionable languages. It ought to be the potential to incorporate copyright message, temporary description of the module, author name and therefore the date of creation in some selectable format.
  • The tool ought to generate records, structures, category definition mechanically from the contents of the info wordbook in one or a lot of fashionable languages
  • It ought to generate database tables for on-line database management systems.
  • The tool ought to generate code for the programme from epitome definition for X window and MS window based mostly applications.

Test case generation CASE tool:
The CASE tool for action at code generation ought to have the subsequent features:

  • It ought to support each style and demand testing.
  • It ought to generally take a look at set reports in ASCII format which might be directly foreign into the test set up document.

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