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Statistical Testing is a testing method whose objective is to work out the undependable of software package product instead of discovering errors. check cases ar designed for applied mathematics testing with a wholly totally different objective than those of typical testing.

Operation Profile:
Different classes of users might use a software package for various functions. for instance, a professional may use the library automation software package to make member records, add books to the library, etc. whereas a library member may use to software package to question regarding the provision of the book or to issue and come books. Formally, the operation profile of a software package may be outlined because the chance distribution of the input of a mean user. If the input to a variety of categories{Ci} is split, the chance price of a category represents the chance of a mean user choosing his next input from this class. Thus, the operation profile assigns a chance price Pi to every input category Ci.

Steps in Statistical Testing:
Statistical testing permits one to focus on testing those elements of the system that ar presumably to be used. the primary step of applied mathematics testing is to work out the operation profile of the software package. a successive step is to get a group of check knowledge reminiscent of the determined operation profile. The third step is to use the check cases to the software package and record the time between every failure. once a statistically important range of failures are ascertained, the undependable may be computed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Statistical Testing:
Statistical testing permits one to focus on testing elements of the system that are presumably to be used. Therefore, it leads to a system that the users to be a lot of reliable (than truly it is!). Undependable estimation victimization applied mathematics testing is a lot of correct compared to those of alternative strategies like ROCOF, POFOD, etc. However it’s dangerous to perform applied mathematics testing properly. there’s no easy and repeatable manner of process operation profiles. additionally, it’s a great deal cumbersome to get check cases for applied mathematics checking cause the number of test cases with that the system is to be tested ought to be statistically important.

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