Software Engineering | Software Project Management Plan (SPMP)

Once project designing is complete, project managers document their plans during a software package Project Management set up (SPMP) document. The SPMP document ought to discuss an inventory of various things that are mentioned below.

This list will be used as a doable organization of the SPMP document. Organization of the software package Project Management set up (SPMP) document.

  1. Introduction:
    • Objectives
    • Major Functions
    • Performance Issues
    • Management and Technical Constraints
  2. Project Estimates:
    • Historical Data Used
    • Estimation Techniques Used
    • Effort, Resource, Cost, and Project Duration Estimates
  3. Schedule:
    • Work Breakdown Structure
    • Task Network Representation
    • Gantt Chart Representation
    • PERT Chart Representation
  4. Project Resources:
    • People
    • Hardware and Software
    • Special Resources
  5. Staff Organization:
    • Team Structure
    • Management Reporting
  6. Risk Management Plan:
    • Risk Analysis
    • Risk Identification
    • Risk Estimation
    • Risk Abatement Procedures
  7. Project Tracking and Control Plan
  8. Miscellaneous Plans:
    • Process Tailoring
    • Quality Assurance Plan
    • Configuration Management Plan
    • Validation and Verification
    • System Testing Plan
    • Delivery, Installation, and Maintenance Plan

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