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Software Engineering | Software Crisis

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 07 Apr, 2022
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Software Crisis is a term used in computer science for the difficulty of writing useful and efficient computer programs in the required time. The software crisis was due to using the same workforce, same methods, same tools even though rapidly increasing in software demand, the complexity of software, and software challenges. With the increase in the complexity of software, many software problems arise because existing methods were insufficient. If we will use the same workforce, same methods, and same tools after the fast increase in software demand, software complexity, and software challenges, then there arise some problems like software budget problems, software efficiency problems, software quality problems, software managing and delivering problem, etc. This condition is called a software crisis.  

Causes of Software Crisis:

  • The cost of owning and maintaining software was as expensive as developing the software
  • At that time Projects were running over-time
  • At that time Software was very inefficient
  • The quality of the software was low quality
  • Software often did not meet user requirements
  • The average software project overshoots its schedule by half
  • At that time Software was never delivered
  • Non-optimal resource utilization.
  • Difficult to alter, debug, and enhance.
  • The software complexity is harder to change.

Let’s now understand which factors are contributing to the software crisis.

  • Poor project management.
  • Lack of adequate training in software engineering.
  • Less skilled project members.
  • Low productivity improvements.

Solution of Software Crisis: 

There is no single solution to the crisis. One possible solution to a software crisis is Software Engineering because software engineering is a systematic, disciplined, and quantifiable approach. For preventing software crises, there are some guidelines:

  • Reduction in software over budget.
  • The quality of software must be high.
  • Less time is needed for a software project.
  • Experienced and skilled people working over the software project. 
  • Software must be delivered.
  • Software must meet user requirements.
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