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Top 15 Software Engineering Projects (2023)

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 23 Nov, 2022
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Software Engineering has become the mainstream for IT Industry today. Every year more than 3 Lakh students land software engineering jobs as fresher and the demand for software engineers has been rapidly rising (2022-17%). 

Software Engineering Projects Ideas

With the increase in demand, the competition has been rising every year and it would require you to practice rigorously so that you can easily fit into IT Industry. To begin with this, you are required to analyze which domain (programming language & S.E. stream) to pick, and then only you’ll be able to build projects to gain expertise and confidence.

In this article, we will be sharing the best hand-picked software engineering projects from Beginner – Intermediate – Expert levels that will help you in sharpening your programming skills.

But, before we move ahead, let’s talk about the need for software engineering in today’s world. 

Why is Software Engineering Required?

Today, every business (small or medium, or large) wants to keep itself updated. The demand for software engineering has grown 3x – 4x ever since (past 10 years stats). Software Engineering & Software Development requires developers to keep digging for a better approach and they also help in organizing, managing, and delivering quality output within the timeline.

Besides this, some of the major companies/sectors that are actively hiring Computer Science Engineers are:

  • Technology – 37%
  • Fortune 500 – 21%
  • Telecommunication – 5%
  • Media – 5%
  • Internet – 5%

As of now, there are more than 1,02,000+ (India) jobs available for software engineers & 9,02,000+ (Worldwide), and the figures are continuously growing every day. In this article, we’re going to talk about how we can achieve certain goals to become good software engineers along, and the ability to deliver high-quality post-service guidance/maintenance. You’ll get some of the best software engineering projects be it a beginner, intermediate or expert level.

Software Engineering Projects For Beginners

1. Chess Game

It’s a well-designed game built to play in a very interactive way where pieces get moved from block to block by the system itself. This project is built to predict (human) moves and accordingly, it takes action. This app can be so satisfying and will make you feel like you’re playing in the real world. The best part is that you can even play with friends (remotely) and with the computer as well.

It would require you to set up a MySQL database so that user’s details can be stored (including name, score, ranking, etc.). You can also check out the article based on Chess Game for the best reference.

Key Features:

  • The “Moves” section will keep track of all the records of the player’s moves and will proceed accordingly
  • This game will directly start with the main display and that will accelerate processing speed. 
  • A bare minimum system is required for this app – Windows XP or Windows 7

2. Social Networking

This is a beginner-level web-based social networking system that can be built in the software industry (small-scale) for any group, community, college, school, etc. The best part about this app is that it helps in connecting the targeted group and all the necessary details/announcements can be broadcasted seamlessly.

There will be 2 major modules in this project, i.e. Admin & Participants in which participants will be allowed to upload images, post feeds, follow or add people, etc. Besides this, all the feeds can be viewed by participants from the main section and they can even communicate with each other (just like Facebook Messenger) to establish a better connection.

Key Features:

  • This software engineer project can be helpful especially for students to keep track of everything like Placement details, Course Material, Lecture schedules, etc.
  • The admin will have access to remove any user or post.
  • The user will have multiple methods for signing up for their account.

3. Web Scraping

Web Scraping is a fun activity app that can be built for features like customer review analysis, price prediction, lead generation, data collection, etc. It is very useful to build projects by using Beautiful Soup (which is a free, open-source Python Library), and all the necessary data can be crawled back as per the preference.

Companies like Expedia, Amazon, Skyscanner, etc. are actively using this method to offer customers a door for analysis/comparison. This gives an opportunity for users to pick any item or submit a review on any platform (such as Amazon) as per their choice (fully transparent).

Key Features:

  • This tool can be used for performing sentimental analysis.
  • If you want to build any analytic system/app, then it is suggested to use Selenium & smtplib
  • Web scraping is a big tool for providing assistance in scaling up businesses on a mass level.

4. Calculator

One of the best software engineering projects is a simple or scientific calculator that can be used for educational organizations. This tool can be the best solution for solving complex mathematical calculations and it majorly focuses on numbers, arithmetic operations, etc. which are well-suitable for engineering students.

However, a simple calculator can also work well, but to generate powerful calculations, this tool can be the overall solution. Besides this, it’s a beginner-level software engineering project and you can easily find related apps over play/app store.

Key Features:

  • Below are the required specifications for this project:
    • OS: Windows XP or 10
    • Processor: Pentium IV 
    • RAM: 512 MB Hard disk: 2 GB
    • Language: C Programming
  • The calculator will be simple to use & response time will be extremely fast
  • This calculator will perform the following actions:
    • Addition
    • Multiplication
    • Subtraction
    • Division
    • Sign
    • Square
    • Square Root 
    • Inverse, etc.

5. To-do List

It’s a fancy way of maintaining records to carry out all your daily tasks. It’s a simple, web-based app that enables users to add, edit, delete, etc. to their list. Besides this, users will have the option to change font, text color, mark pointers, share on any other platform, etc. You may find similar apps on the play store/app store too.

If you want to start building this project, we recommend you check JavaScript Project on your To-do List and start working on it right away.

Key Features:

  • You can start building this project with minimal requirements. However, they can be scaled up on a higher level (depending on the changes you’re looking for).
  • There would be some basic items in this app – Title, Description, Priority, Checklist, etc.
  •  These software engineer projects are highly useful as it provides users to share their To-do lists on any platform.

Software Engineering Projects For Intermediate

6. Daily Reminder

The Task reminder app is a useful project to keep track of every necessary task regularly. In this application, users will be allowed to view all of their tasks in the form of a list. You can even set custom reminders for any dedicated tasks along with the Alarm tone so that you never skip any daily/weekly/monthly task.

It’s a simple app that can save a lot of time and can be a useful resource for achieving your goals. You can start working on this project by carrying below-mentioned prerequisites:

Key Features:

  • This task can be built using Android Studio (Java & XML), SQLite, etc.
  • Users can add, edit or remove any task along with the date & time
  • The user will also be allowed to put notifications on any of the certain tasks 

7. Weather Forecasting

This project is being divided into two modules, Data Gathering & Pre-processing, and Prediction Algorithm. This project would be based on prediction and that’s why data needs to be prepared in a structured way. For this, you can either be parsing or one-hot encoding. It’s best to implement Scikit-Learn (linear regression) model to train the datasets and once they’re trained you can provide inputs (temp, pressure, etc.)

This app is well-capable in predicting 6-7 days (up to) data sets and will fetch weather details on an hourly basis. It will also offer users to change location and measurements as per their choices. 

Key Features:

  • This project would require Linear Regression to predict the amount of Rainfall (in inches).
  • This project will take certain parameters to measure weather i.e. temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc.
  • Software requirement – Jupyter Notebook, Windows/Linux, Python 3, etc. 

8. Local Train Ticketing System

This a simple Java-based ticketing platform by which users can book tickets as per their choices for traveling in local trains. Users will have the option to choose the number of seats, class, and journey date, along with the source and destination.  

The payment system can also be included in this application so that users can add funds (via UPI, Netbanking, debit/credit cards, etc.), and likewise, they won’t be required to print their tickets while traveling. This will allow the user to download their tickets in pdf or other formats (just like a movie ticket), and with the same mode, they can also request to Cancel their tickets within 3 hours of the journey.

Key Features:

  • There are 4 major modules in this project, those are:
    • Booking Panel
    • Schedules
    • User Panel
    • Admin 
  • Technologies Required for this project:
    • SDK
    • JDK
    • SQL
    • Kivy
  • With the help of this app, users can save a lot of time & users will no longer be required to stand in queues for hours.

The course on Full Stack Development with React & Node JS – Live is the best choice if you want to become a full-stack web developer. Along with learning, this course also has some MCQ-based learning, and track-based learning methods, and at the end of the course, you’ll also get a course completion certificate which when added to your resume adds value to it. 

9. Patient Tracker

This is an Android-based application that aims to ensure maintain patient information along with the medical condition. In this project, the doctor would be able to fetch all the records of the patient every time he/she visits for a checkup. This will require Eclipse and SQL to build this project.

This system will work in two phases where the first would be for the patient to submit their record and the other one would be for the dedicated doctor who will fetch and check all the necessary details. This system will eliminate all the unnecessary paper works and will eventually reduce human interaction.

Key Features:

  • This project will be beneficial for patients to maintain their medical records and to participate actively to keep themselves aware.
  • Doctors can look into records by just applying a filter for the arrival date, disease, last visit, etc.
  • This project is efficient to deploy in small-mid segment hospitals/dispensaries. 

10. Online Fuel Delivery

The working module of this project is based on a food delivery system (app). You can use Kotlin or Flutter to build this project in which the user can order both Petrol and Diesel. Once the order is placed, users will be notified with their transaction details and delivery will be made at their location. 

However, you may also find apps like Yoshi, Fuelster, etc. are working on the same pattern. It is also one of the best ways of saving time, minimizing expenses, and providing service during emergencies.

Key Features:

  • The app will consist of 3 main modules i.e. Admin, User, and Driver
  • In this, users will also have the option to compare fuel stations (by distance, ratings, availability, etc.)
  • In this project, both user and the fuel station will have the option to modify or cancel the placed order.

Software Engineering Projects For Expert

11. Exchanging Loyalty Points

Nowadays most companies & banks are offering loyalty points on every purchase they make. But, the major drawback is that more than 60% of points get wasted due to unstable tracking of those points. To boost this, blockchain-based exchange of loyalty points will enable an easy exchange platform for their users.

With this project, a tokenized loyalty point system can be introduced so that perform 3 tasks seamlessly:

  • Track their loyalty points
  • To check no tampering has been done
  • To spend loyalty points on their desired choices

Key Features:

  • This software engineer project aims to provide a decentralized system which means there will be only one ownership i.e. USER
  • This project aims to provide advanced high security which can be achieved using Tomochain, which is a scalable blockchain network.
  • This project can reduce operational costs and will minimize the chances of errors.

12. Fingerprint Voting System

This project focuses on building a finger-print EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) that will lead to conducting successful elections. It’s a solid solution for any small-scale elections and can also be used within organizations for conducting polls during meetings.

Since, this project runs in electronic mode, the manpower, time, and transportation would be relieved if this can be planned to introduce on a bigger scale. It would also require Proteus Design Suite for ARM module operation which will alert when one candidate will try to vote multiple times.

Key Features:

  • This project would require – 1 Voting System, a Fingerprint module, and an ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) controller.
  • Paperless User Identification can be conducted after the introduction of fingerprint EVM which can save lots of time and resources.
  • In this project, both the candidates and the admin can view the results in real-time.

13. Railway Time Tracking & Prediction System

This app is intended to build to fetch details from one end and push it to the user’s end. By using this application, users can easily track their train along with its timing, running status, and expected time to reach (user’s desired) station. It’s a web-based application having two modules i.e. admin and user.

Applications like these use predictive methods and rail tracking applications can also be found nowadays on the play store and app store. The app will be designed to help local commuters and can also be used to use for tracking buses (after applying minor upgradation).

Key Features:

  • This software engineer project entails an admin system (module) that will fetch all the required details of the train including train number, timing, etc. and the same will be passed through the server which can be later tracked by the user.
  • Admin will have permission to add/remove information such as train arrival, expected arrival/departure, and so on.
  • Software Requirements: Windows – SQL – VS 2010

14. Suspicious Activity Tracker

This project will build an automated AI camera system to track any suspicious activity to prevent any unfortunate incidents in Banks, Malls, Airports, etc. The activity tracker will use schematics to work on the behavioral patterns and gestures of a person on the live feed.

If any such activity (fighting, pointing guns, etc.) occurs, an automated alarm will start ringing and nearby Police will get notified about the incident. This would require training cameras and deploying ML models, also customized functions can be added for auto-triggering the message/calls. 

Key Features:

  • Three major components are required for this project, they are:
    • Raspberry Pi 4
    • RPi Camera
    • Speaker or Amplifier
  • This software engineer project would require an ML model to teach working on normal modules such as walking, talking, reading, etc. so that the camera can be trained for this project.
  • You can use TensorFlow, Lobe, or Edge Impulse to prepare this model and the method can be aligned with Raspberry Pi to convert the normal camera into a smart one.

15. Emotion-Based Music Player

The introduction of AER (Audio Emotion Recognition) and MIR (Music Information Retrieval) has made it possible to build systems by applying machine learning algorithms. This project entails working on automation to generate playlists for users.

Where the AER technology will evaluate the audio waves depending on the mood and emotions of the user, the MIR will follow a pattern to fetch the desired outputs based on the provided input.

Key Features:

  • The emotion modules included in this project could be sadness, joy-anger, joy-surprise, joy-excitement, joy, sad-anger, and anger.
  • The accuracy may vary between 80% -90% for detecting real-time images.
  • This software engineering project can revolve around three pillars i.e. Audio Feature Extraction Module, Emotion-Audio Recognition Module, and Emotion Extraction Module.

Why is Project-Based Learning Effective? 

It’s always said that practice is better than theory and that’s what coding is all about. The more you will practice, the more you’ll grab concepts. PBL or Projet-based learning enables students to implement coding effectively through active participation, joining webinars, sharing thoughts, etc. College students can take a lot of benefits out of it in 5 major ways:

  1. Ownership
  2. Engagement
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. In-depth knowledge of any Live project
  5. Creativity

In other words, Project-based Learning can provide an opportunity, to build strong relationships, improve test results and create more projects that can provide benefits during placements.


The objective was to provide a list of software engineer project ideas for all levels i.e. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Working on projects can be fun, and that’s how you’ll learn and grow in the IT industry. In this article, we have provided a segregated list of different levels of projects and any language can be chosen to start with the project. 

It’s time for you to start creating some cool apps and push them Live for general usage. However, if you wish to check out more apps, you can browse the Internet to find out the resources that might be helpful during your software engineering journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. What are the different types of software projects?

There are majorly two classifications of software – Application Software and System Software.

Working on a Software Engineering project requires an individual to use the right tools & technology (such as Python, Java, etc.). Some of the major kinds of Software Engineering projects are:

  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Desktop GUI Application
  • Full-stack Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Database Development
  • Web Development
  • DevOps, etc.

2. Which project is best for software engineering?

Software engineering is a vast category & caters to many segments, they are responsible for creating games apps, web-based apps, etc. This can be achieved using different programming languages, frameworks, etc. Some of the best software engineering projects include:

  • Chess Game
  • Calculator
  • Fuel Tracker
  • Ticket System
  • Web Scraping, etc.

3. Which software engineering projects are best for college students?

College students are required to work with beginner’s level engineering projects which require less expertise, some of them are:

  • Health Management System
  • Website Designing
  • CRM for School/College Campus
  • Face Detection
  • Battery Saver

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