Software Engineering | Parts of a SRS document

The important parts of the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document are:

  1. Functional requirements of the system
  2. Non-functional requirements of the system, and
  3. Goals of implementation

These are explained as following below.

1. Functional Requirements:
The purposeful requirements part discusses the functionalities needed from the system, The system is taken into account to perform a group of high- level functions Fi. The functional view of the system is shown in below diagram Each function Fi of the system can be considered as a transformation of a set of input data Ii to the corresponding set of output knowledge Oi.
The user will get some purposeful piece of labor done employing a high-level operate.

2. Non-functional Requirements:
Non-functional necessities accommodate the characteristics of the system which may not be expressed as functions – like the maintainability of the system, movability of the system, the usability of the system, etc. Non-functional requirements may include:

  1. Reliability issues
  2. Accuracy of results
  3. Human-computer interface issues
  4. Constraints on the system implementation, etc.

3. Goals of Implementation:
The goals of implementation part documents some general suggestions relating to development. These suggestions guide trade-off among style goals. The goals of the implementation section would possibly document problems like revisions to the system functionalities that will be needed within the future, new devices to be supported within the future, reusability problems, etc. These are the things that the developers would possibly detain their mind throughout development in order that the developed system may meet some aspects that don’t seem to be needed straightaway.

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