Software Engineering | Differences between Coupling and Cohesion

Prerequisite – Coupling and Cohesion
Cohesion is the indication of the relationship within module. It is concept of intra-module. Cohesion has many types but usually highly cohesion is good for software.

Coupling is also the indication of the relationships between modules. It is concept of Inter-module. Coupling has also many types but usually low coupling is good for software.

Now we will see the difference between Cohesion and Coupling. the differences between cohesion and coupling are given below:

Cohesion Coupling
Cohesion is the concept of intra module. Coupling is the concept of inter module.
Cohesion represents the relationship within module. Coupling represents the relationships between modules.
Increasing in cohesion is good for software. Increasing in coupling is avoided for software.
Cohesion represents the functional strength of modules. Coupling represents the independence among modules.
Highly cohesive gives the best software. Where as loosely coupling gives the best software.
In cohesion, module focuses on the single thing. In coupling, modules are connected to the other modules.

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