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Software Engineering | Comparison between Regression Testing and Re-Testing

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  • Last Updated : 30 Apr, 2019
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Regression Testing:
Regression Testing is a type of software testing, which is used to verify that modifications in the software or the environment have not caused any unintended adverse side effect.

Retesting is done to make sure that bug is fixed and failed functionality is working fine or not, this is kind of verification method followed in testing field for the fixed bugs.

Most of the testers have confusion with Regression and Retesting.Here in this post, we will show the difference between regression testing and retesting.
Below is a detailed comparison

Regression TestingRetesting
Regression testing is known as a generic testing.Retesting is known as planned testing.
Regression testing is to ensure that changes have not affected the unchanged part of product.Retesting is used to ensure the test cases which failed in last execution are fixed.
Regression testing is used for passed test cases.Retesting is used only for failed test cases.
Defect verification is not coming under regression testing.Defect verification is coming under retesting.
Regression testing can be done either in automation or manual testing.Retesting can not be automated.
Regression testing has lower priority than retesting testing but in some cases it can be done in parallel with retesting.Retesting has higher priority than regression testing.
Passed test cases can be executed during regression testing.Only failed test cases are re-executed during retesting.
During regression testing test cases can be automated.During retesting test cases can’t be automated.

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