Software Engineering | CASE tool and its scope

A CASE (Computer power-assisted software package Engineering) tool could be a generic term accustomed denote any type of machine-driven support for software package engineering. in a very additional restrictive sense, a CASE tool suggests that any tool accustomed automatize some activity related to software package development.

Several CASE tools square measure obtainable. A number of these CASE tools assist in part connected tasks like specification, structured analysis, design, coding, testing, etc.; and other to non-phase activities like project management and configuration management.

Reasons for using CASE tools:
The primary reasons for employing a CASE tool are:

  • to extend productivity
  • to assist turn out higher quality code at a lower price

CASE environment:
Although individual CASE tools square measure helpful, the true power of a toolset is often completed only this set of tools square measure integrated into a typical framework or setting. CASE tools square measure characterized by the stage or stages of package development life cycle that they focus on. Since totally different tools covering different stages share common data, it’s needed that they integrate through some central repository to possess an even read of data related to the package development artifacts. This central repository is sometimes information lexicon containing the definition of all composite and elementary data things.

Through the central repository, all the CASE tools in a very CASE setting share common data among themselves. therefore a CASE setting facilities the automation of the step-wise methodologies for package development. A schematic illustration of a CASE setting is shown in the below diagram:

Note: CASE environment is different from programming environment.

A CASE environment facilitates the automation of the in small stages methodologies for package development. In distinction to a CASE environment, a programming environment is an Associate in a Nursing integrated assortment of tools to support solely the cryptography part of package development.

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