Software Engineering | Architecture of a CASE environment

The design of a typical trendy CASE (Computer power-assisted software package Engineering) atmosphere is shown graphically below. The vital elements of a contemporary CASE atmosphere are a computer program, toolset, object management system (OMS), and a repository. The characteristics of a toolset are mentioned earlier.

User Interface:
the user interface provides a regular framework for accessing the various tools so creating it easier for the users to act with the different tools and reducing the overhead of learning however the different tools are used.

Object Management System (OMS) and Repository:
Different case tools represent the product as a group of entities like specification, design, text data, project arrange, etc. the thing management system maps these logical entities such into the underlying storage management system (repository).

The industrial on-line database management systems are meshed towards supporting giant volumes of data structured as straightforward comparatively short records. There are some forms of entities however sizable amount of instances. in contrast, CASE tools produce an oversized range of entity and relation varieties with maybe some instances of every. so the thing management system takes care of befittingly mapping into the underlying storage management system.

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