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Software Engineer Interview at Luxoft

  • Last Updated : 17 May, 2021

Luxoft recruiter will reach out to you via email or LinkedIn mail to set up a time to chat. Schedule this phone call as soon as possible. 

I was Interviewed for Software Engineer for automotive domain Luxoft, Bengaluru office. Overall process took two weeks of time. 

Round 1: C++/Qt Coding task converting bmp image to png using threads 

Coding questions were given, which needs to be solved in given time. 

For a string, finding the first even length word. 
For any two numbers, the minimum operations to be done to make two numbers same. 

Round 2: Technical discussion 

  1. C++ core concepts & basics
  2. Polymorphism and it’s uses
  3. Function overloading and how it works
  4. Vtable implementation
  5. C++ 11 / 14 differences
  6. Sample lambda functions and it’s use
  7. Ways to create threads
  8. Why segmentation fault occurs

Round 3: Manager 

Discussion on current role, projects, goals. 

Questions like why do you want to change, what are you looking for etc, HR questions. 

Current CTC and expected CTC. 


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