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Software Engineer Interview at Google, Hyderabad

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 04 Jun, 2019
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Resume filter:  I got an email from a recruiter who asked about my details such as work experience, interests, technical abilities. A few days later, she scheduled a telephone call where she asked some basic questions on complexity, worst case and best case for certain sorting algorithms, some short tricky math problems. You need to answer 8/10 correct to get shortlisted.

After this, I got around 20 days for 1st round of telephonic interview.

Telephonic interview: It was a 45 min hangout call with a Google doc shared. She directly jumped onto the question.
Q1.  Given two strings, A and B, of equal length, find whether it is possible to cut both strings at a common point such that the first part of A and the second part of B form a palindrome.

Extension1. How would you change your solution if the strings could be cut at any point (not just a common point)?
Extension2. Multiple cuts in the strings (substrings to form a palindrome)? Form a palindrome using a substring from both strings. What is its time complexity?
Q2. Come up with some edge test-cases for calculator function performing these operations : (+, -,  *, /) 
I was called for onsite interviews 25 days after this round.

Round 1: Given an input stream of boolean values, design a data structure that can support following modules in optimal time-
i) setTrue(index)
ii) setFalse(index)
iii) setAllTrue()
iv) setAllFalse()
v) getIndex(index)

Round 2:Given a list of player names and their scores – {Carl, 70; Alex, 55; Isla, 40}, design a data structure that can support following modules in optimal time-
i) updateEntry(string name)
ii) getEntryFromRank(int rank)

Round 3:
Given an array of n integers, find the lexicographically smallest subsequence of length k.
Q2. Given a matrix of people(denoted by small alphabets) and bikes(denoted by capital alphabets), find the nearest bike for a given person.
How will you change your solution if you have to find bikes for a set of people? (assuming multiple bikes can be at the same distance from 1 person)

Round 4:
Given an infinite chessboard, find minimum no. of steps for a knight to reach from the origin to (x, y).
Extension  A list of forbidden coordinates are introduced where knight can’t reach. Handle this in your code. Make sure the infinite loop is handled since the board is infinite.

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