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Software based Keylogger

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It is a program that is designed to record any input entered by the user from the keyboard. It is also used in organizations to troubleshoot some problems related to technology. The keylogger is also used by the family to monitor the activities of the user without the user’s direct knowledge.

This is something that is installed on the hard drive. This type of software is also called spy software. Now the software keylogger can also be used by parents to monitor their kids, and it is also used for other activities. This software keylogger may be better, but it is sometimes detectable and can also be removed by anti-spyware. it is used to record typed passwords, or credit card numbers, and more. This software keylogger has some features which enable someone to do screen record and more. 

Applications of a Software-based Keylogger :

  1. It is used to record keystrokes entered by the user.
  2. It can be used to take any snapshots of any website that the user visits.
  3. It can also be used by the family member to monitor activities.
  4. It can also be used for malicious purposes to steal any confidential information of the user.

Can mobiles also get infected with the keylogger?

  1. There is not a chance for the mobile to get infected if it is hardware keyloggers. 
  2. This is because mobile devices have a virtual keypad. 
  3. This virtual keypad prevents the hardware keylogger to get access to the data that is being typed. 
  4. There is a chance that mobile devices can get infected with software keyloggers. 
  5. Now if the keylogger infects the mobile device, there is a chance of the information getting stolen. 
  6. The information that will be stolen are:-  emails, login pages, and more.

Advantage of a Software-based Keylogger :

  1. It can be installed on a system when the victim opens the attachment sent in an email.
  2. It gives the advantage of taking snapshots, recording videos, and more.
  3. They are not physically detectable.

Disadvantage of a Software-based Keylogger :

  1. It sometimes gets detected by Anti-spyware.

Detect Software-based Keylogger :

  1. The user should have an anti-virus system. It should enable the user to detect any software keylogger.
  2. The user should look at all the files that have been installed. If any files look suspicious, the user should immediately remove that file.

Prevention of the Software-based Keylogger :

  1. The user should perform the two-step authentication.
  2. Users should use some encryption software. This encryption software encrypts the word typed from the keyboard.
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Last Updated : 05 Mar, 2021
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