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Societe Generale Virtual Interview Experience
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 04 Aug, 2020
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During pandemic , my placement started and after getting so many rejections I was finally shortlisted in one of the company Societe Generale for interviews.

Round 1 : Web proctored (with camera and audio )coding and MCQ test . It had few MCQs on aptitude and few mcqs on core subjects like OS,  testing , c++ . There were three coding question , they were easy . First was spiral matrix with some variation . Second was octal to binary . Third  i could not remember but it was easy too.

Out of 500 students 117 were shortlisted .

Round 2: Tech interview . I was asked about DBMS in deep and some DSA questions . Also some sorting algorithms. TIP : Prepare your resume well and concentrate on core subjects.It lasted for about 40 – 45 mins .I some how managed to clear this round.

Round  3: Again tech round . In this I was asked oops concept and some questions on sorting like why we use them and what are its complexities . Also they asked me DBMS and some programs ,  algorithms like making queue a stack and vice-versa . The interviewer was supporting . I cleared this round too and within 15 mins ,I was made to sit for last round HR .

Round 4 : This was HR round and a tough one . The interviewer pressured me a lot . He kept saying he is not satisfied with the answer . Also kept cross questioning me . I panicked there(my great mistake ) . I could not clear this round . TIP: KEEP CALM and JUST THINK THAT YOU ARE GOOD AND HENCE THE INTERVIEWER IS PRESSURIZING YOU IN SUCH A WAY .

I hope it helps . All the best Guys. Stay Safe .

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