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Societe Generale Interview Experience (Campus Placement)

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Societe Generale was the first few companies that visited our campus, students from CSE, IT, ECE and EEE were eligible for the online test(Round 1). Around 2200 people gave the test.

Round 1:Online Test

The test was 1 hour 30 minutes long and had around 35-40 MCQs from various core subjects like DS, OS, DBMS and also a few aptitude questions. It also had 2 coding questions which were pretty easy as there was no time complexity constraint and a person who has decent practice of basics section of GFG could do them easily.

The results of this round came in after 3 days and around 500 people were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2:Group Discussion

We were divided into groups of 15 members each and made to sit in a semi-circle for the GD round. There were 3 personnel from the company assessing each group. The GD lasted for 15 minutes and the topics were pretty common so that everyone could speak about it.

Eg. Can AI replace Human Jobs.

Social Media -Boon or Bane

Traditional education vs Digital Education , etc.

Round 3:Technical Interview

Immediately after the GD, the selected candidates were called for the Technical Interview. The interviewer asked me pretty simple questions on OOPS concepts, Java String concepts, DBMS views and SQL joins. Anybody can answer all these questions with sound knowledge of the basics. He then asked me questions on my projects that were mentioned on my Resume. Finally he asked me whether I have thought about my final year project and brief him about how I would go about developing it.

I was lucky enough to clear this round and was sent to the next interviewer.

Round 4: Techno-Management Interview

This round was a mix of management and technical questions. It started with questions like.

Why do you want to work for SocGen?(an investment bank).

What do you understand about the workings of an investment bank?

Do you know about SCRUM and Agile?

What is your opinion on the digital transformation?

Why should banks invest in technology?

What is the latest upskilling you have undertaken, tell about your experience?

All the questions were to check your way of thinking and opinions about stuff around you. Therefore, I feel there cannot be fixed answers to such questions. The interview went on for more than 45 minutes and ended with “Do you have any questions for me?”

I was lucky enough to clear this round and moved on to the final round.

Round 5: HR Interview

Started of with typical HR questions like -Tell me about yourself.

During my introduction I learned that the interviewer was from the same school as mine. And then the whole round was a cakewalk and we spoke about various topics just like friends. He asked me that they had two constraints:

About the location Chennai or Bangalore- I said I was okay with either.

The shifts can be random and we might have to work at night too. I had no problem with this too.

I was fortunate enough to have made it through all the rounds and get the offer letter. All thanks to Gfg community.

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Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2019
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