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Societe Generale Global Solutions Centre Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 04 Feb, 2021
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The journey of Societe Generale – Global Solutions Centre started for me in the month of September 2020 when the company visited the campus. A shortlisting was made by the company itself, and then we proceeded towards the written round.

Written Round: This round consisted of core subjects, three codes on data structures, Strings, SQL, etc. I along with 31 out of some 1200 other students were shortlisted for the interview process which was to begin in the next two days.

There were four rounds of interview. 

  • Two technical followed 
  • Techno-managerial 
  • HR round.

Round 1: The first interviewer was a lady who started with the basic questions like what was your project.

  1. What is OOP?
  2. The disadvantage of object-oriented over procedural programming. 
  3. This basic questionnaire was followed by a few coding questions-like removing duplicates from a string, to reverse a string and similar basic codes.

This was followed by another round of technical questions where she also asked me to choose a subject and I went ahead with Operating Systems, so she asked questions revolving around the same topic, some of them which I can remember well were virtual memory, context switching, files, definition of process, threads, etc.

After all this, she started sharing her screen which had short output questions, and I was given a few seconds to call out my answer. The entire interview lasted for 1 hour 19 minutes to be precise. It was scheduled early in the morning and it was a virtual interview.

Round 2: The second interviewer was indeed an oldie of the company who had a very sharp mind, he asked very tricky questions like.

  1. How would you print the first letter of your name, without using the print statement (which clearly means one cannot use the printf in C, cout in C++, or system.out.println in JAVA).
  2. The other questions were about bitwise operators.
  3. What are boxing and unboxing?
  4. Why did C++ come into existence when C was already there.
  5. What are the features of OOPs that make it extraordinary, why are different languages used, and a few more? 
  6. The last question that he asked was that if you have to call a recursive function and print 10 to 1 backwards, so he wanted a pseudo code for this. It lasted for about 43 min and was done in the afternoon at 2p.m. approximately on the same day.

Round 3: The 3rd interview was a techno-managerial round where scenario based questions were asked me, like if you have to do a job and you get 10 days for it but your team couldn’t complete the project before the deadline, what would you do? What would your further steps be to help complete future projects on time. He also read my resume line by line and asked about all the nitty-gritties mentioned in my resume. It lasted for about 42 minutes and was completed around 5p.m..

HR Round: The last interview started more like a chit-chat session and then HR asked me if someone was there at my home. I answered that my mother was present, and he asked me to call her. And, then the most beautiful thing happened. The HR told my mother that her daughter was placed in the Company, and she should be proud of me. I was startled and surprised and happy all at the same time. This was a beautiful gesture and I still count it as the happiest moment of my life.

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