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Societe General Interview Experience | On Campus Placement

  • Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2020

I am an ECE student hence based on my resume these question were asked.

Round 1: Online Test

Aptitude 10 questions for 14 mins

verbal 4 question 4 minutes

Technical 15 questions around 10 on SW Testing and 5 on SQL/DBMS 15 minutes

Coding questions C/Cpp/Java/Python 57 minutes,  easy ones 

q1: ex: input: a2b3c4 output: aabbbcccc

q2: based on number conversions (x)a to y to the base (y)b

q3: permutation based  example: given number 4017 , find the next highest permutation of the given numbers.

Round 2:

Technical Interview

Asked about my interest and project , thorough questions on that.

I was asked if i prefer hard core coding or testing side, I prefer testing based on that my questions were moderate basics.

Asked about banking based questions

Round 3:

Technical interview

Resume based questions, about project and all the topics mentioned.

SQL, DBMS , basic data structures, basic python. basic operating system questions.

Round 4:


About the company and post being offered

what have u done in the recent times, what impact or  change have u brought about in a technical field .

a friendly informative talk, just be confident

Round 5


Tips: Just be confident , if you dont know anything tell you dont know or ask time to think if you think you can recollect. Be confident. It’s okay to not know few questions. 

I dint know a few questions yet managed to go to next round because I answered all the questions with confidence.

Be firm with your mentioned topics – basics and a little banking basics.

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