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Snapdeal Interview Experience | Set 2 (For Software Engineer 2)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2019
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Round 1: About 1:30 min
1. Introduction.
2. How will you decide what data structure should use?
3. Circular linkList meeting point and proof.
4. Reverse link list of given chunk k.
5. Print Left view of tree.
6. Explanation of Opps Concepts.

Round 2: More than 2 Hrs
1. Why HTTPs.
2. About Cookie.
3. You are receiving 0/1 in the left side of previous number dynamically and for each insert you have to print whether decimal of new generated number is divisible by 3. Print “YES” or “NO” accordingly.
4. Same above question if you are receiving number from right.
5. Binary Search in Rotated sorted array.
i.e. 567891234
6. Binary Search in Biotonic sorted array.
i.e. 1234567898765432
7. You have given two arrays, all the elements of first array is same as second array except 1, You have to find out distinct pair.
In this ques I told solution using hashing, He asked me to write complete code for proper hashing.
I have written code using bucketing then he asked other concepts also.

Round 3 : About 30 min only – In this round he asked what I have written in Resume.
1. Introduction.
2. Coin change problem of DP.
3. Write query for second max salary, then asked to optimise it.
4. Concept of group by and having in sql.
5. Asked about Git, what? why? and some git commands.
6. About selenium.
7. about access specifiers.
8. About previous projects.

Note : In each round :
1. They were asking runnable code and were checking each and every corner case by dry run.
2. They were asking multiple solutions for a single problem. i.e. they were asking for a better solution until you drop.
3. They were giving more then enough time to write the code.

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