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Snapdeal Interview Experience | Set 16 (Off-Campus for Software Development Engineer)

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  • Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2019
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I had interview at Snapdeal Gurgaon for Software Development Engineer, before that I have also completed online test from home. I am 2016 passed out but having 2 years of working experience.

1st technical interview (One hour) :
Most of the question were related to the algorithms (Mainly Dynamic Programming).
1) Heap Tree.
2) Quick Sort with complexity in various cases.
3) Given n number, find the number that will be at 5th position after sorting, you are not allowed to use any sorting algorithms.
4) Core Java – Write code for HashMap.
5) Different Hashing algorithms
6) DP problems

They also told me to write code on paper for every questions.
They have asked me many coding problems, I wrote correct code for only 2-3 problems, but I explained every problem with solving strategy (DP, Backtracking and Greedy).

Some questions I dont remember but most of them were related to the algorithms.

2nd technical Interview (30 mins) :
This interview was really surprise for me. Interviewer was from testing team. They were asking me testing related question.
1) What is Selenium
2) Black box and white box testing
3) And other testing question.
Also asked me some Java question.

I didn’t answered any questions because I dont have testing experience. I really got Frustrate. At this time I really felt like I will be rejected.
But I dont know How but Somehow They passed this interview.

3rd Technical Interview (45 mins) :
This was the interview I enjoyed lot. interviewer was very friendly. He asked me Java (JSE + JEE).
1) Write hello world Java program
2) Draw memory Architecture for it. (Heap and Stack memory.)
3) Java OPPS Quesions
4) Util Package classes and Their code.
5) Some sql Questions Like : group by, order by.

I answered all the Java questions except for some SQL Join Questions.

4th technical and HR (1 hour) :
* working experience
* Projects
* Core JAVA Questions.
* Some Sql questions.
* Some puzzle.
* Some HR questions like : Why snapdeal?

5th HR :
* Tell me about yourself
* Working experience
* Salary Discussion.

Feedback was positive.

Books :
Narasimha karumanchi : Coding interview Questions
Khalid Mughal Java
S K Srivastava
Head First Design Patterns

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