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Snapdeal Interview Experience | Set 14 (For Software Engineer)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2019

Snapdeal interview experience for Software Engineer position:

Round 1: Simulation round
Ques: Develop REST API for adding, fetching, updating and deleting a bookmark. Developed API using Spring boot.

Round 2: Telephonic tech round:
Ques 1: Modify BST such that all greater keys are added to every key.
Ques 2: Question on work experience.
Ques 3: Implement LRU cache
Ques 4: Difference between REST and SOAP.
Ques 5: What is Apache CXF?

Round 3: F2F
Ques 1: Given an integer array representing size of candles which reduce 1 unit in a day. Room is illuminated using given x candles. Question is to find maximum number of days room is without darkness.

Ques 2: Given a path of x length and some pickup/ drop points of some passengers, find amount payable by a passenger. Basically it is car pool system and cost payable by a passenger will be his contribution in car pool. For eg. if A travels with B for 10 km and then next 20 km with C and D then A’s cost will proportional to (cost of 10 km) /2 plus (cost of 20 km)/3

Round 4: F2F with manager
Ques 1: OOPS principles. What is polymorphism?
Ques 2: Difference between Abstract classes and Interface?
Ques 3: What is Overriding and Overloading?
Ques 3: In what business scenario Link list or Array list will be used?
Ques 4: Copy linked list with arbitrary pointer without using hashtable.

It was very tedious process. All rounds went well but I could not figure out what went wrong. Plus there is very difference between hikes given in Delhi and Bangalore. HR don’t have clear thought about whom they want to hire and don’t even share the feedback. Wasted a lot of time in Snapdeal process.

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