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Snapdeal Interview Experience | On-Campus for Internship

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  • Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2020

CV shortlisting :

Total 70 students applied  from all the three branches of circuital(CSE, ECE and EE) for internship in Snapdeal as a product analyst role .As Snapdeal came very late for the internship program, there was a remote process for which initial round was CV shortlisting round and all the interviews were conducted via Skype . Around 20 students were shortlisted . What they have seen in CV were the key words include SQL, Tableau and excel etc .

Around 3 interviews were conducted . The last one  is the HR round  . All interviewers are very supportive although the Skype interview is not very good as compared to face to face interview from my point of view.

Round 1:(50min)

I was asked about my CV and a brief introduction . 5 minutes given for all the details candidate wants to tell the interviewer . As i have done a project on R the interviewer asked the  questions related to R language . some of the questions were :-

  1. What are the different data types used in R language?
  2. How to convert model into database in R language?
  3.  Different libraries i have used in my projects, i told him about ggtheme2 .The interviewer was impressed after knowing how many libraries i have used .

I was also asked about the questions related to SQL  . Some of the questions were as follows:-

  1. What are joins ? Why we use joins?
  2. They asked me  a question related to inner join . It was a basic  question where they wanted to know how much i know about the joins .
  3.  He asked a simple question on union with example .

After asking questions about my projects, the interviewer asked me to tell the pros and cons after viewing the first layout of the app snapdeal . I told him about the pros and cons for which the interviewer shifted to Android development part . After a long discussion about the app the interviewer asked me about what else i know about snapdeal like what is the difference between Snapdeal and Amazon ? Basically interviewer wants to know how much secondary knowledge we have about the company .

Overall my Skype interview was good and total 9 students were shortlisted in this round . I was one of them.


Round 2:(40min)

The interviewer greeted me very politely  . He also asked a few questions on my projects and extracurricular activities.  The interviewer asked me about how much i will rate myself in SQL . I told him 7/10 and briefly explain all my projects related to MySQL . The interviewer asked me some technical questions on SQL . He gave me a sample set and asked 2 questions on inner join and outer joins. I answered them all . After this he wanted to know how much i know about product analyst job description . I told him what does product analyst do for which he didn’t seem satisfied . He asked me various questions on click data stream analytics . I didn’t have much knowledge about it so i was not comfortable much about that .

At last, the interviewer asked if i have some questions for him . I asked him about the role . What more we need to learn ?He answered all the questions very politely.

Overall my 2nd round was not good and total 4 students were shortlisted in this round . I wasn’t one of them .

Round 3:HR(20min)

Q1) Tell me about yourself ?

Q2) What do you think about does product analyst do ?

Q3) Do you have any questions for us ?

Out of 4, 3 students were selected for the internship program . Overall the interviewers were polite and good .The only drawback was Skype interview as it was comparable difficult with respect to face to face interview . The only thing i wanted to tell all the students to properly read the job description and about the role .


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