Snap Package Manager on Ubuntu

Snap is a package management system and software deployment. Generally, these packages are termed as the snaps. The tool for using snaps is termed as the snapd. Snaps are app packages for cloud, IoT and desktop that are easy to install, cross-platform. Snaps works across all the Linux distributions so it activates the utilities and latest apps for the cloud, desktop, and servers, etc.
snapd is a daemon or process which manages the full environment of snap. The snap tool of this process is used for interacting with snaps. It keeps a track of all the installed apps.

Steps to Install snap on Ubuntu

Step 1: Use the below command to update the package

$ sudo apt update 


Step 2: Install snapd using the below command

$ sudo apt install snapd

installing snapd on ubuntu

Checking if snap is Installed or not?

Step 1: Run the below command to test whether snap is installed or not. This command will give some output which is shown in the below image.

$ sudo snap install hello-world


Step 2: Execute the below command and check the output

$ hello-world


Snap Commands Options

1. Search application

$ snap find app_name


2. Information about applications

$ snap info app_name


3. List all Installed Applications

$ snap list


4. Updating Applications

$ sudo snap refresh app_name

5. Revert updated applications

$ sudo snap revert app_name

6. Disabling applications

$ sudo snap disable app_name


7. Enable Applications

$ sudo snap enable app_name


8. Removing application

$ sudo snap remove app_name


Note: Replace app_name with specific application’s name like postman, vlc, spotify, eclipse –classic etc., in all above commands.

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