Smallest number divisible by first n numbers

Given a number n find the smallest number evenly divisible by each number 1 to n.


Input : n = 4
Output : 12
Explanation : 12 is the smallest numbers divisible
              by all numbers from 1 to 4

Input : n = 10
Output : 2520

Input :  n = 20
Output : 232792560

If you observe carefully the ans must be the LCM of the numbers 1 to n.
To find LCM of numbers from 1 to n –

  1. Initialize ans = 1.
  2. Iterate over all the numbers from i = 1 to i = n.
    At the i’th iteration ans = LCM(1, 2, …….., i). This can be done easily as LCM(1, 2, …., i) = LCM(ans, i).
    Thus at i’th iteration we just have to do –

    ans = LCM(ans, i) 
             = ans * i / gcd(ans, i) [Using the below property,
                                     a*b = gcd(a,b) * lcm(a,b)]

Note : In C++ code, the answer quickly exceeds the integer limit, even the long long limit.

Below is the implementation of the logic.


// C++ program to find smallest number evenly divisible by 
// all numbers 1 to n
using namespace std;

// Function returns the lcm of first n numbers
long long lcm(long long n)
    long long ans = 1;    
    for (long long i = 1; i <= n; i++)
        ans = (ans * i)/(__gcd(ans, i));
    return ans;

// Driver program to test the above function
int main() 
    long long n = 20;
    cout << lcm(n);
    return 0;


# Python program to find the smallest number evenly 
# divisible by all number 1 to n
import fractions

# Returns the lcm of first n numbers
def lcm(n):
    ans = 1    
    for i in range(1, n + 1):
        ans = (ans * i)/fractions.gcd(ans, i)        
    return ans

# main
n = 20
print lcm(n)

Output :


The above solution works fine for single input. But if we have multiple inputs, it is a good idea to use Sieve of Eratosthenes to store all prime factors. Please refer below article for Sieve based approach.
LCM of First n Natural Numbers

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