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SkilRock Technologies Interview Experience for Software Engineer

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2021

Just want to share my interview experience with SkilRock Technologies Gurgaon so that it’s helpful for the aspiring ones.

Total Rounds 4:

  • 2 Technical round 
  • 1 Managerial round 
  • 1 HR 

For some freshers, they generally take an online round also but in my case, it was not an online round.

Duration: It was an offline interview so it took only one day to complete all the rounds.

I applied for this interview in July 2018 after completing my Btech in CSE. 50 peoples came for this interview out of which 5 students cleared all the interviews & given Hr interview and 3 of them got selected.

Round 1:  

  1. What is Var in JavaScript? I answered this and told my interviewer that I don’t know JS this is very basic, so I have an idea about it.
  2. Tell me something about DS & Do you know the linked list & Find the middle element of the linked list. I explained DS types. I explain the Linked list & Array. I find mid elements by counting the total no of nodes, I didn’t know the slow & fast approach at that time.
  3. 2 D array question, How to reach (0,0) to (n, m). Total Different ways to reach there. I tried but unable to answer properly.

Round 2:

  1. Brief introduction.
  2. Directly came to the problem-solving. Wrote some sample method for snake and ladder game and asked to complete them and counter-question with respect to every line of code.
    movePlayer1(){} movePlayer2(){} isWin(){} isDraw(){} startGame(){} ......

Round 3 (Managerial):

  1. He asked about me, my daily routine.
  2. What the interviewer asked in previous rounds and what you answered.
  3. 3 easy level problem-solving questions write on blank paper.
  • Print nth Fibonacci series number with recursion & without recursion.
  • Prime number program.
  • Simple pattern.

I wrote all the programs and explained to him why I wrote each line. Then he asked me about 2 puzzles and the time complexity of stack & queue in a different scenario.

Round 4(HR):

  1. Typical Hr questions.
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