Sixt Interview Experience for SDE-1

I have recently given an interview for the SDE-1 position in Sixt R&D Bengaluru, India. There were three technical rounds and one HR manager Rounds.
Technical Round 1: In this round they asked me a single question.

  • Merge K sorted link list, given an (n X n) binary row-wise sorted matrix find row having the highest number of 1’s, given a BST check whether the given element is present in BST or not?

Technical Round 2: In this round they asked me array related a single question.

  • Given a binary array find the largest continuous subarray having an equal number of 0’s and 1’s., Given a link List with duplicate elements remove all the duplicate from the link list.

Technical Round 3: In the third technical round they asked me to Serialize and Deserialize related question.

  • Serialize and Deserialize a binary tree further extend this problem to BST, complete tree.

After clearing all the three technical round the last round was HR round.
Round 4: HR Manager Round. In this round, they asked about backgrounds, where do I want to achieve. What else I do in my free time.

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