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Singular Nouns : Definition, Examples and List

Last Updated : 13 Mar, 2023
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Singular Noun

Singular Noun

Nouns are the naming words. It not only denotes the name of a person, place or thing but also the emotions, feelings, idea, state of age , state of mind, etc. Examples : pain, love, care, Netherland , Nouns can be singular or plural 

Singular are the ones which are single in nature while plural are the ones which are plural means more than one . 

What is Singular Noun 

Singular comes from the word single . Singular Nouns are the those which refers a single or one person, place or thing .

For example : boy, lady, man, calf, city, joy, happiness , etc.

Singular Noun definition 

These are nouns which are singular in nature , it can be countable or uncountable both , it refers to one and only one person, material, place , etc. 

Singular Noun Examples 

Chair ( singular ) – chairs ( plural i.e. more than one ) 

Beach ( singular ) – beaches ( plural ) 

Hat ( singular ) – hats ( plural ) 

Island ( singular ) – islands ( plural ) 

Singular Noun Examples in sentences 

Singular noun generally takes singular verb to fulfill the syntax 

1. The boy is carrying a big box which consists of sweets 

Here boy is singular and takes singular verb 

2.  Friday comes after Thursday 

Friday is a day which is singular in nature and takes singular verb 

3. Music is a kind of entertainment . 

Music is singular noun takes singular verb 

List of Singular Noun 

There are different types of Singular nouns like place  , person, idea, animals, things, objects, ideas, etc.

Singular Noun ( Person ) 

Singular Noun ( Animals ) 

Singular Noun ( Place ) 

Singular Noun ( Emotion ) 


























Parrot Room Hate


Swan Kitchen Smile


Duck Park Worry

Singular Countable Noun :

There are two ways to classify noun 

a ) Countable 

b ) Uncountable 

Countable nouns are the ones which can be counted , of which we can make plural . Singular Countable nouns are the nouns which are single in nature but can be counted 

For examples : device , house, hanky, bag, forest, plant, human being , etc. 

Singular Possessive Noun : 

Possessive nouns are the nouns that shoes the ownership or a direct connection and which is used as an apostrophe (‘s) letter at the end for example : 

Cat – cat’s 

John – John’s 

Wheel – wheel’s 

Train – train’s 

Empire – Empire ‘s 

Difference between Singular Noun and Plural Noun 

1. Singular Nouns are the ones which are singular in nature or single or only one unit .

2. They can be countable or uncountable both for Examples 

3. Passenger , mobile , hat, test, information , advice , career, profession , peace 

4. Plural nouns are the ones which are plural in nature means more than one or more than one unit .

5. They can be countable only , we cannot make plural of uncountable nouns .

For example : passengers , mobiles , hats, tests , careers, 


Que 1. What are the ten examples of Singular Nouns ? 

Answer- Let us understand Singular Noun with the given below examples-

1. This is the house which I always wanted to purchase. ( house is the singular noun ) 

2. She is the only lady who stands against odds. ( lady is the singular noun ) 

3. I have given you a piece of advice. ( Piece of advice is the singular noun ) 

4. They have transferred money to me. ( Money is the singular noun ) 

5. We had a loaf of bread to give to beggar. ( A loaf is a singular noun ) 

6. This is an instrument which can repair all the machines. ( Instrument is a singular noun ) 

7. Cabinet committee formulated a policy for handicapped. ( Policy is a singular noun ) 

8. They submitted a report. ( Report  is a singular noun ) 

9. We all follow the regulation made by the warden. ( Regulation is a singular noun ) 

10. All should start a new venture. ( Venture is a singular noun ) 

Que 2. What is Singular Countable Noun ? 

Answer- Singular Countable Noun is the one which is single or singular in nature and countable nouns are the one which can be counted like coin – coin, journey, task, job, shower, poem, dollar 

Que 3. What is rule of Singular Noun? 

Answer- Singular noun denotes a single person, place or object which generally doesn’t take s or es or ies with it for example resistance, hair, service, etc. 

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