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Single band, Double band and Multi band Routers

  • Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2019
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Routers is a digital appliance in our daily life. The performance of a router has a great influence on our Wi-Fi online experience, so choosing a right router is very important. Router connects multiple network and forwards packets to other network.

1. Single Band Router:

  • It is limited to just one frequency band and is also called “Wireless-N”.
  • Single Band routers on a 2.4 GHz band offer theoretical speeds of up to 800 Mbps.Internet service limitation being an example.
  • The user may encounter frequent connection problems thus speed and flexibility of Wi-fi is affected.
  • Modern features like Device Prioritization and app based monitoring is not supported by Single band routers.
  • Range of Single Band Router is shorter and low signal strength.
  • Cost is economical and thus is most suitable for smaller home.

Single Band Router are used in:

  • Web Surfing
  • Emails
  • Online chatting
  • Viewing photos

2. Dual Band Router:

  • A 2.4 GHz Dual band routers uses 5 GHz of frequency band.
  • It has a relative better speed and longer range when it is compared to Single Band router.
  • Dual band routers support the many of the modern hardware devices by providing more stability and range.
  • Amount of connected device has an impact on speed of Wi-fi, several of them might reduce speed a little bit.
  • Automatic switching is possible between bands.
  • Cost is expensive and thus is most suitable for larger home.

Dual Band Router are used in:

  • HD Streaming
  • Large File Transfer
  • Movies
  • Gaming applications

3. Tri Band Router:

  • Tri Band Routers support a 2.4 GHz and two 5GHz frequency band.
  • There is a ease of connecting as many devices as possible without negatively affecting the Wi-Fi speed.
  • Bandwidth increases three times due to the three separate Wi-Fi band.
  • Efficient handling of multiple devices and faster file transfer is a result of high CPU speed in the Tri band routers.
  • f you don’t have a lot of 5 GHz-compatible Wi-Fi devices, the upgrade might not be too noticeable, a extra 5 Ghz here acts as an extra LAN.
  • Cost is highest when compared to Single and Dual Band Routers.

Tri Band Router are used in:

  • Streaming Device
  • Online gaming
  • Multiple Devices

Following factors must be considered while choosing a router:

  1. Required network speed required
  2. Application scenario
  3. Compatible devices
  4. Price

If the requirement corresponds for a small home then a lower cost Single Band Router can be used. Whereas, for larger area and to optimize the internet speed at home/office a Dual Band Router or Tri Band Router can be used however compatibility issue may arise.

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