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Significance Of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

Last Updated : 03 Mar, 2023
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Introduction :

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a branch of computer science where a machine is made capable of possessing human decision-making ability, based on certain unique algorithms and related mathematical calculations. On the other side, Cyber Security consists of security measures to protect the virtual world from cyber attacks and threats. Artificial Intelligence is capable of securing and cleaning up the cyberspace by taking security measures related to accurate algorithms and mathematical calculations. With an increase in the role of AI in modern world threat to cybersecurity has become a serious issue.

How AI identifies and prevents cyberattacks:

AI can easily identify attacks on cyberspace, from various web platforms and high security based official websites. To initiate cyberattack hackers use ransomware, malware and other tools to conduct penetration testing and find a loophole in the system. Finally, they use the loophole to hack the system. Looking at this scenario sites that require high security are dependent on AI as the primary method for detection of cyber attacks. To prevent a cyber attack, the person in charge of the website will think similarly like a hacker. Here AI would be used how a hacker would think and make attempts to break security code. Hence software tools like Norm Shield Scorecard are based upon AI that keeps websites away from Cyber Attacks from hackers.

Scope of AI beyond traditional security measures:

Traditionally security measures depend upon antivirus software like firewall, quick heal and other tools on detecting and preventing web security threats. Looking at this scenario, timely update of software and the attitude of a person who is in charge of security would determine the level of security website or virtual platform. AI depends upon innovative technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing etc to make difficult for hackers to gain access to servers and other valuable information stored inside computers.

AI has reduced human involvement in cybersecurity affairs :

Cybersecurity professionals are assigned the task to keep an eye on the security of the website. This limits the scope of AI involvement in cybersecurity affairs as human beings control everything by taking decisions related to cybersecurity in general. It is difficult for cybersecurity professionals to work for hours without break, holidays or leaves. Whereas AI can handle similar situations without any break as it is programmed to deal with high risk-taking situations without any concern.


AI has undergone rapid change and progress from mere technical assistance to cybersecurity experts in dealing with challenges related to the detection and prevention of cyberattacks. Aided and supported by Machine language, AI can find out cybersecurity threats and inform the authorities to take appropriate measures to rectify the same in no time. So with reference to the modern context, the role of AI is increasing various sectors of information technology like Cyber Security, Software Testing and Data Security.

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