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Sigmoid Analytics Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 12 Nov, 2018
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Round 1:

Online test held of approx 1.5 hr .It consisted of 5 mcqs(Quantitave, Technical) and 5 coding questions. 4 coding questions were easy each of 20 marks and 1 coding question was of 50 marks(average). Students who solved at least three questions were shortlisted. It was held on hackerearth.

Out of 40, 25 were shortlisted . The eligibility criteria was 7.5 CGPA.

Round 2:

Interview was held through Skype. The interviewer was  helpful. It was basically coding round .They checked logical as well as coding ability. The question asked to me was:

An incomplete sudoku is given .You have to verify whether the sudoku is correct or not i.e. whether it  satisfies the condition of  all the rows having  different digits  1-9, every column having different digits 1-9 and all nine 3 x 3 boxes having different digits 1-9. The interviewer told to write the full code . He also told to verify the condition for all 3 x3 possible boxes in 9 x 9 sudoku . Then he told me to print the array forward as well as reverse using recursion and write the code .

Some students were asked LCA(Lowest Common Ancestor), n ary tree, graph (Dijkstra, bfs, dfs, )

9 were shortlisted for next round

Round 3:

The interview held after 5-6 days . It held through skype . He asked me to subtract two numbers using linked list .No need to write the code just he was checking my logical skills and how do I approach on cross questions . Don’t forget to check corner cases.

The 2nd question was :

Given an expression a* k=n  where ‘a’ can be any positive integer, ‘n’ only consist of 1 and 0 . you have to tell the logic how will you find smallest n(can’t be 0) that should be multiple of a . So I told the backtracking approach after taking 10 minutes . The interviewer give time to think, so utilise it properly you will find the solution 🙂 . He told me to optimise it . I told queue approach of generating binary numbers by pushing 1 first of all  and popping from queue and concat once with 0 and push the no in queue and concat once with 1 and push the no in queue .Also keep checking whether the number is divisible by a or not . He was satisfied with my approach.

Then he told me if the no n  overflows i.e. more than 64 bits, how will you check the divisibility criteria with a non overflow number . I used string  and divide the same way as a small child divides  by  running a for loop  . And he was satisfied.

Some students were asked questions on Os, Dbms, Graph, Linked List, Trees .

Me and one of my friend was qualified directly for HR round . For some 3rd technical also held.

HR round was quite easy . He just wanted to know about my technical skills, projects  and if any previous internship done.

Finally we two were offered internship as well as FTE 🙂

Suggestion : Don’t get nervous . Be confident . Keep smiling face always . And discuss your solutions with interviewer frankly whatever is coming in your mind.

All the best 🙂

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