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Siemens PLM Interview Experience | On-Campus

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 02 Dec, 2021
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Siemens PLM(Product Lifecycle Management) 

Designation: Software Developer 

Location : Pune 

Pointer  Criteria: depends on the college .In my college it was 7+ 

Round 1:  Aptitude test 

Around 200 students applied for the test. 

First round was an Aptitude test. It consisted of four sections: 

a. Quantitative ( 20 questions) 

Quant was easy  ( not too easy)  Indiabix quant is sufficient for this. 

b. Logical reasoning ( 25 questions) 

It was of average difficulty. 

c. C lang ( 15 questions) 

It was difficult and the most time consuming section among all these sections. 

d. C++ Lang ( 15 questions) 

In this section there were MCQ’s related to output of  trees, array, strings etc 

The duration of the test was 1.5 hours. There was no sectional time limit or sectional cut off. 

Only the students qualifying the first round were promoted to the second round, rest were eliminated. The test started at 6 in the evening in our college and the results came out at around 10 pm . Interview was scheduled for the next day. 

31 students qualified the test and went in for the interviews. 

Round 2:1st Technical Interview : 

Interviews started at 9 am. Around 10 people came from Siemens  to take the interviews. There were 2 people interviewing me. 

It started with a standard ” Tell me something yourself ? “I  introduced myself . After that they asked me about my latest project  which was on  Machine Learning. I explained them in detail about my project and my role in the project. They can ask anything regarding your project . They gave me pen and paper and asked me to explain the  project with diagrams, notations  . I drew the UML diagrams to explain  my project . There aim was to know how well I could explain my project on paper and they were quite impressed by my explanation. After this they asked me which language I usually code in. I told them Java and then they started questioning me about Java 

  1. Difference between java and c++?
  2. Explain inheritance in java?
  3. Why multiple inheritance is not there in Java?
  4. How java overcomes multiple inheritance ?
  5. About java compiler?

Then, they asked me some non technical question viz. Why do you want to work with Siemens ? It was irrelevant from technical perspective but i gave them proper answer . Next, they asked me to draw the UML diagram of the room .I asked them which diagram they wanted and they said whichever I preferred. It took me 7-8 minutes to draw the class diagram. Then, he asked me to explain the relationships between the objects I drew for the above class diagram and why I choose the class names I had used etc. etc.. 

At last they asked me a simple puzzle about the bulbs and the switches. This interview takes around 1 hour. 

Round 3: 2nd Technical Interview : 

I was selected for the next round which was also technical interview . There were again two different interviewer for me. Same, start with the introduction . Then, first question was what are your favorite subjects . I told them Java, Database, Discrete Mathematics . They asked me about the database . 

What is normalization ? different types? explain it using arbitrary database sample ? 

In my every answer there was counter question ready for me . They wanted to see me how does i react in stress, they were trying to analyze my views about the subject . they gave me one database sample and ask me how do you store this data and asked different queries about the data. this interview takes about 45 mins . then, asked WAP related to  string reversal and gave corner cases to satisfied the code. i wrote it in java programming language and tell them different approaches also. Then, they asked me about the oops concepts briefly. Notations in UML diagrams and again those counter questions also. 

At the end they asked me  do you have any questions . I asked them 2-3 questions about the company. 

Round 4: HR round : 

Basic HR questions : 

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • hobbies
  • hostel life
  • family background
  • Planning of further studies: MS
  • strengths and weakness
  • why would we choose you
  • what are your expectations from the siemens

HR round was chilliest round, he told me about the company location, benefits, work culture etc. He asked to tell about the funny incident in your life. 

After 5 years, where you see yourself. As my name is xyz, he asked me meaning of my name . i told him xyz then he asked me to relate yourself to xyz. then he asked me what was latest WhatsApp features (this question was to check whether the student is updated to day to day life). 

At the end they asked me  do you have any questions . I asked him 2 questions about the work culture. 

After 1 hr they conclude their interviews and select 2 students including me. 

That was very happy moment for me and called my mom and told her “maa meri placement ho gyi !!!! ” 


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