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Siemens Interview Experience (On-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2018

Round 1:
They came to our campus for recruitment. It was a two day process. We had two rounds on day one. First round consists of aptitude+logical reasoning + verbal. Each question had atmost 60 seconds to answer and it was quite challenging. Aptitude based questions were mainly based on some data and we need to choose the best option that satisfies the given requirements which can be obtained from given data( like data interpretation).
30 of them cleared first round.

Round 2:
Second round was technical round. This round had 30 MCQs based on C++ .They mainly focused on basic concepts of C++ like polymorphism, inline function, oops concepts, collection in c++ and output prediction.20 of them cleared this round.

Round 3:
Following day we had 1 Technical round and 1HR round.
Technical round was a face to face interview. They mainly focused on our projects, our role in the project, technology used in project. Then they asked me to determine whether a string is a palindrome or not. Be prepared with all oops concepts and c++ concepts.
After technical round 10 students were selected for HR.
HR was based on the review given by technical interviewer. He asked to introduce myself, biggest achievement in my engineering life .It was casual and was just 10 minutes interview.

Questions asked were

1. Check whether a string is a palindrome or not.
2. Reverse a string.
3. Detect loop in list.

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