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Shree Partners Interview Experience | Set 1 (For Gurgaon Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jan, 2016
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Written was mixture of technical and aptitude. Aptitude tests covers few questions on numbers, reasoning and probability.

Technical part covers Operating System, Database and Data Structures

Coding Questions
1. Given a sorted array, print any two numbers equal to a given number.
2. Write optimized code to find x to the power of y.
3. Given an array of n numbers, divide the array in 3 Lots in such a way that the difference between the lots is minimum (I gave sort the array and then divide into lots by taking elements from each list for e.g. 1,2,3|4,5,6|7,8,9 take them like (1,6,7),(2,5,8),(3,6,9)).
4. Write a program to print the matrix in alternating rectangle of 0’s and X’s.
5. Write a program for searching for number of occurrences of a word in file.

Technical :
Solution written in the test for coding questions was asked to elaborate and asked to do the necessary optimizations if possible.
Q1. Difference between abstract classes and Interfaces
Q2. What are time sharing systems.
Q3. Important Concepts of OOPS (Inheritance,Encapsulation)
advantage of OOPS over other Languages.
Q4. CPU Scheduling Algorithms
Q5. Write Recursive and Non-Recursive Factorial Program.

Simple Questions were asked:
Q1 . Introduce Yourself
Q2. Your area of Interest ?
Q3. Why shreepartners ?
Q4. Travelling to gurgaon will be possible or not ?
Q5. Will be able to work late ..

Please suggest most optimized solution to the coding question number 3.

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