Short note on Behavioral Model

Overall behavior of a system can be fully understood by Behavioral model.

Behavioral Model is specially designed to make us understand behavior and factors that influence behavior of a System. Behavior of a system is explained and represented with the help of a diagram. This diagram is known as State Transition Diagram. It is a collection of states and events. It usually describes overall states that a system can have and events which are responsible for a change in state of a system.

So, on some occurrence of a particular event, an action is taken and what action needs to be taken is represented by State Transition Diagram.

Example :
Consider an Elevator. This elevator is for n number of floors and has n number of buttons one for each floor.
Elevator’s working can be explained as follows :

  1. Elevator buttons are type of set of buttons which is there on elevator. For reaching a particular floor you want to visit, “elevator buttons” for that particular floor is pressed. Pressing, will cause illumination and elevator will start moving towards that particular floor for which you pressed “elevator buttons”. As soon as elevator reaches that particular floor,
    illumination gets canceled.

  2. Floor buttons are another type of set of buttons on elevator. If a person is on a particular floor and he wants to go on another floor, then elevator button for that floor is pressed. Then, process will be same as given above. Pressing, will cause illumination and elevator to start moving, and when it reaches on desired floor, illumination gets canceled.
  3. When there is no request for elevator, it remains closed on current floor.

State Transition Diagram for an elevator system is shown below –

Advantages :

  • Behavior and working of a system can easily be understood without any effort.
  • Results are more accurate by using this model.
  • This model requires less cost for development as cost of resources can be minimal.
  • It focuses on behavior of a system rather than theories.

Disadvantages :

  • This model does not have any theory, so trainee is not able to fully understand basic principle and major concept of modeling.
  • This modeling cannot be fully automated.
  • Sometimes, it’s not easy to understand overall result.
  • Does not achieve maximum productivity due to some technical issues or any errors.

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