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Shell Interview Experience | On-Campus
  • Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2019

Round 1:

First Consisted of 3 sections as follows :

section 1 :Quantitative aptitude (30 mcqs – 30 minns)

section 2: Technical mcqs major questions were based on sql and data ware house concepts (drill up drill down) (25-30 mcqs)

section 3 : 2 coding questions (Easy(Array based)- solving atleast 1 coding question will get you shorlist)

time for section 2 and 3 was – 60 mins

Round 2:  We had only one interview and it was skype interview, first they asked me to introduce myself.

The interview was more of a behavirol/Situational based was for me. For other people, they asked questions on each and every subject od sc fundamental (OOPs, OS, Data Structure, DBMS, etc). plus projects and about the technologies you have used in your projects.

So coming back to my interview, They first introduced them self and started the interview by asking me to tell them more about the projects i had mentioned in my cv. After that they asked me the challenges i had faced while implementing the projects, how did i made my teams, How do i managed working in teams.

What do i think i/my team mates should have done to kind of ignore the problems we have faced in project. did you applied the things you have learned from first team project to the next i have done, etc.

i had two technical questions in my interview : Normalization, what is hive(bcz i have done hadoop )

The problem i faced in the interview is i couldn’t see them bcz they turned off their camera and when we explained them something its silent for some time we feel like they are hearing s or not.

For other people they could see their panel i dont know why my panel turned off their camera. (panel were of 2 people)

People who were asked technical questions got selected (4 out of 23 )

So why they didn’t asked technical stuff to everyone i dont know. Its all luck.

All the best guys !

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