Shell India Interview Experience

The total procedure was completed in 2 rounds:

Online Test: 1 SQL query, 2 codes easy level, and MCQs (tech+quant) 

Note: Every section had an individual time limit (Verbal questions need good speed) 

Interview: They initially started with all the technical questions after which they asked about projects and gave many situation-based questions.

Tech questions:

  1. OOPS
  2. Difference between Overriding and Overloading
  3. Static, final keywords
  4. SQL queries.
  5. 3 simple Codes like finding the occurrence of ‘A’ in the string.
  6. Difference between MYSQL and SQL
  7. Difference between SQL and No-SQL
  8. MongoDB queries
  9. Types of Joins
  10. Deadlock in DBMS

Situation-Based Questions:

  1. If you are working in a team and then one of the members gave a better idea than yours, then will you accept and implement it or not? Why?
  2. What were the technical challenges you faced during your internships? (Try to give them examples, don’t just say that these and these were the challenges. Also, tell about the ways you overcome them.)


  1. Speed is important in OT in MCQs sections.
  2. Try to give the perfect answers to tech questions (Use Tech words more)
  3. Be thorough with your projects they can ask anything!!
  4. Don’t try to give ideal answers for a given situation. 
  5. Always give some strong examples of situation-based questions so that it will look real.

The results were announced the same day, and I was selected.

I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks for helping me out throughout the process.

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