Setting up a C++ Competitive Programming Environment

In this article we will learn about how to setup a all in one Competitive Programming Environment

Operating System

It is always recommended to use a Linux based OS. It is so because not only you will learn some better know-hows of the system but also will be able to get some pre-installed coding tools.
I would highly recommend a Linux system myself. For Starters Ubuntu is quite fine. Advance users may go with ArchLinux or Kali Linux. Even if you don’t want to change your OS, Please use latest versions of Windows (7 or later).

Download Ubuntu Desktop

Text Editor

There are quite a number of good text editors alailable in market these days like VS Code, Sublime text, Atom, Notepad++ etc.
My personal favourite is Sublime Text 3 because of it being lightweight, minimally aesthetic and high functionalities.

Download SublimeText 3

Language to use

Now is the time to choose a language to use. Most of the people use C++ as their primary coding language. This is mainly because of its speed, clarity and widespread support. So you should use C++ if you’re new to coding, but if you don’t know C++ but some other language, try focusing on that language only. Most of the CP Online judges will do things like variable time limits and all for other language. ie. if your language is 2x slower than C++ than you would get 2x time limit too as compared to a C++ program.


Now if you are using C++ as your primary coding language you have to install a gcc compiler (Linux users can skip this step as most of the Linux Distros come with a compiler :)), If you are unsure if you have a gcc compiler or not; open shell(ie cmd) and execute following code. If you get a answer then you are ready to go. If not(ie system do not understands the command) you have to install a compiler first.

g++ –version

Download MinGW compiler

Final Setup

Now this is the most important step of the article…”the touchup”.