Setting up a Basic Home Network using Packet Tracer

Packet Tracer is a network simulation tool that allows us to create network topologies by building virtual networking devices. Packet Tracer is highly encouraged for network enthusiasts as it allows them to have keen in-depth knowledge of networking. Let us see how to easily create a simple home network using Packet Tracer.

Open Packet Tracer and pick Home Router from Wireless Devices and place it on the workspace.

Place Smartphone, PC, Laptop from End Devices on Workspace.

Notice that Smartphone automatically connects to the home router after placing it on the workspace

Connect the pc to the home router by using Copper Cross-Over wire available from Connections by configuring pc to FastEthernet0 and Home Router to GigabitEthernet 1.

To connect Laptop to Home Router we need to update a pin in the laptop’s configuration, to do this click on the laptop and turn of the laptop and find the pin WPC300N and place it in the laptop.

Note : To update the pin with WPC300N, the laptop must be turned off.

Tutorial :

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