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Setting python3 as Default in Linux

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Python 2 support ended on 1-January-2020, and many major projects already signed the Python 3 Statement that declares that they will remove Python 2 support. However many of us prefer to code on python interpreter for tiny code snippets, instead of making .py files. And when we fire command ‘python’ on the terminal, interpreter of python2 gets launched by default. 

python2 launching default in Linux

Which leaves us with no choice other than, explicitly typing python3. However, we can set python3 as default by firing two commands on terminal

echo "alias python='python3'" >> .bashrc
source .bashrc

Now if we check in the terminal by just running the “python” command it would result in the following:

Setting python3 as Default in Linux

The interpreter of python 3 was launched, rather than an interpreter of python2. We basically wrote a permanent alias in .bashrc, which replaces command python as python3 and we reloaded the .bashrc file.

Last Updated : 23 Jul, 2020
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