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settextstyle function in C

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The header file graphics.h contains settextstyle() function which is used to change the way in which text appears. Using it we can modify the size of text, change direction of text and change the font of text. 
Syntax : 

void settextstyle(int font, int direction, int font_size);

font argument specifies the font of text,
Direction can be HORIZ_DIR (Left to right) 
or VERT_DIR (Bottom to top).

Examples : 

Input : font = 8, direction = 0, font_size = 5
Output : 
Input : font = 3, direction = 0, font_size = 5
Output : 

The table below shows the fonts with their INT values and appearance:

Below is the implementation of settextstyle() function : 


// C++ implementation for
// settextstyle() function
#include <graphics.h>
// driver code
int main()
    // gm is Graphics mode which is
    // a computer display mode that
    // generates image using pixels.
    // DETECT is a macro defined in
    // "graphics.h" header file
    int gd = DETECT, gm;
    // initgraph initializes the
    // graphics system by loading
    // a graphics driver from disk
    initgraph(&gd, &gm, "");
    // location of text
    int x = 150;
    int y = 150;
    // font style
    int font = 8;
    // font direction
    int direction = 0;
    // font size
    int font_size = 5;
    // for setting text style
    settextstyle(font, direction, font_size);
    // for printing text in graphics window
    outtextxy(x, y, "Geeks For Geeks");
    // closegraph function closes the
    // graphics mode and deallocates
    // all memory allocated by graphics
    // system .
    return 0;



Last Updated : 01 Dec, 2021
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