ServiceNow Interview Experience SDE-2

  1. Interviewer: Staff SDE with 11 years experience
  2. Do this for n-ary tree:

2.Hiring Manager Round: 1hr

Engineering Manager with 13 years of exp

  1. Wanted me to share screen and code in the IDE to check coding style:
    1. Asked to reverse the words in a sentence.
    2. Find frequency of characters in a sentence and print in alphabetical order
  1. Discussions on current work details, project, salary. Expectations regarding work / programming language constraints if any.
  1. Design and Coding Round: 1hr

Senior Software Engineer with 9 years of experience

  2. Design a Coffee Vending Machine (
  1. Coding Round: 30 mins

Code and run in online editor. The code has to run within 30 mins with the test cases the interviewer will provide.

  1. Result: Offered

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