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ServiceNow Interview Experience Oncampus

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Round 1:(Online Test Round)

This round consists of 10mcq’s from cs core subjects like Os, ds, Algo and programming questions from java and c++.

1 coding question :

Longest increasing subsequence

People who solved 1 coding question completely were shortlisted and 30members cleared this round.


Since, there was no negative marking try to solve as many questions as possible correctly, and also attempt the ones whose answers you may not know properly

Round 2:(Technical Interview Round-1)

Directly interviewer after seeing the resume he asked 3 coding questions.

1.The intersection of 2 arrays of strings.

Example: S1[3]={ram, Laxman, krishna}

s2[3]={ram, Seetha, raju}

the output should be ram.

length of 2 arrays of strings can be different also.

2. This question is similar to finding an element k in Bitonic Array.

3.given array of strings like {cat, table, eat, tic}

The last character of the string is matched to the first character of the next string.

here ring is formed and the length of the ring is 4.

he asked me to tell the approach how will you solve this problem. I told him the approach and he was satisfied.

next, he asked a question from oops.

You were at compiler level and design inheritance at that level.

Suggestions: Practice pen and paper coding and try to debug your code on paper.
After this round around 20 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3:(Technical Interview Round-1)

here the interviewer asked what questions were asked in the previous round and then he asked a question from trees.

1. Check whether a binary tree is a bst?

he wants the efficient answer which to be solved by using INT_MIN and INT_MAX.

2.print the next greater element for every element in an array?

example: a[6]={3, 5, 1, 2, 4, 0}

O/p should be {5, 4, 4, 4, 0, -1}

3. Rotate a matrix by 90 degrees?


Normalization forms.

After this round around 13 students were shortlisted for the next round.


for all the above questions he wants exact and efficient code.

Round 4:(Managerial)

Interviewer after going through my resume asked my fav subject to which I answered Os then he asked fav topic then I told paging he asked questions on page faults, deadlocks.

Difference between semaphore and mutex?

Then he asked towers of Hanoi problem.

Then I gave exact recursive code of Toh problem and he told to do it in iterative approach which I wasn’t able to answer it.

After this, he asked about my internship project.

after briefly explaining about my project I was asked to wait outside 30mins for results and finally out of 13 people 4 were selected and I was one among those luckiest people.


Convey clearly about approaches to code always say him the approach then proceed to write the code on paper.

Don’t be nervous and ask them hints to the problem surely they will help.

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Last Updated : 06 Aug, 2019
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